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Having decided to move, selling your current home is probably the most important part of the process, and establishing the right selling price is essential. Setting the price too high may mean little interest from potential buyers and setting it too low means that you may receive less than you could have achieved.

With a knowledge of the area and the type of people your home will be suitable for, here at Greenaway Residential, will be able to market our home appropriately to target the widest audience possible. We aim to achieve a sale as quickly as possible encouraging as many genuine buyers to view your house as we can. We will both carry out an appraisal and figure out your ideal price so that once we have discussed any offers with you, we will be able to negotiate on your be-half. We will communicate efficiently with both solicitors and even help you to find one if you wish.


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Selling your home is a big decision, and it may seem like an overwhelming task to prepare your home and be able to sell it for a price you’re happy with. This is where you need an estate agent to take this task on for you and help you sell your house for the best possible price. If you’re moving out of your family home, then that on its own can be a large task and having to worry about selling can only add to the stress. If it is a second home that you’re selling, then you don’t want to be trying to find time in your already busy schedule to find appropriate buyers and take time out of your day to arrange viewings.

It is important that your house is in the best condition for selling, this may mean different things de-pending on your situation. If you have already moved out or there has been no one living in the property, then it is likely there will be no furnishings or belongs in the house. At this point you will need to ensure there are no repairs that need to be made and it may be beneficial to paint the walls a neutral colour. If you are still living in the house, you will need to keep it clean and think about things that would make the house more attractive such as fresh flowers and opening curtains to let the light in.