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Useful Tips on How to Keep You And Your Property Cool in The Warm Weather

Useful Tips on How to Keep You And Your Property Cool in The Warm Weather

In the UK we are not used to this warm weather that we have been getting recently and our homes and infrastructure are not particularly equipped for it!  However, predictions are that we are very likely to see regular heatwaves, which scientists say are caused by global warming.

We thought we would put our heads together and detail a few handy tips on how you can keep your home cool during this warm weather.

Most of us turn to the trusted fan (us included – especially the team in our Crawley branch who have no air conditioning!), however according to research conducted by ‘Migrate’, this adds £1.6 million a day onto UK energy bills!


So, let’s look at our useful tips:

  • Make sure your bedding is made from pure cotton. This will help you keep cool when sleeping.  Satins and silks have the opposite effect.
  • Some people even put their pillows in the freezer to cool them before sleeping – We haven’t tried this yet!
  • Fill your hot water bottle with cold water or ice to have in the bed.
  • Place your fan in a strategic position; a fan in the corner of the room will only circulate the warm air in the room. Place it in front of an open window and it will draw cooler air inside.  This works particularly well when trying to cool a room at night when the air outside has lowered in temperature.  If you haven’t got a window to hand try placing a bucket of icy water behind the fan.
  • Keep the lights off as much as possible – light bulbs generate heat! Same with other electronic devices such as computers and televisions.
  • Open the loft hatch if you have one – heat rises – better to have it in the loft than in your bedroom! This simple method can easily lower the temperature by a couple of degrees.
  • When the sun is directly shining on windows close them and shut the curtains/blinds. Modern double glazing is just as effecting at keeping heat in as it is keeping it out!
  • A wet sheet – we have been told that hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window will cool the air coming in.
  • On the wet theme – feet are trigger points for the body feeling hot. Get them into a cool paddling pool!  If you don’t have one the washing up bowl will do.  Also, a pair of wet socks can also have the same effect.
  • A cold flannel on the forehead also helps.
  • Use your garden – trees and shrubs can be a useful source of shade, planted around the house in strategic places they can keep the sun away!
  • Long term one here – consider having your property insulated if it isn’t already, insulation is similar to windows in the sense that it is equally good at keeping heat out as it is at keeping it in! Loft and wall cavity insulation is best.
  • Many people who have warm houses paint them white – it reflects heat rather than attracts it. We guess a bit like how you wouldn’t wear a black shirt on a warm day.

We hope this helps – If you have any other handy tips that we have missed please let us know!



Phoebe Skinner

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