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Things to do Before Moving House

Things to do Before Moving House

It is said that moving to a new house can be one of the most stressful things you will ever do. Luckily there are lots of things that you can do before you move that should help to make things a little less stressful on the day of your big move and even in the days that follow. With a little bit of careful planning you should be able to ensure that most of those little jobs that often get forgotten in a house move do not get left until the last minute.


Look on moving to a new house as a chance at a new start; it’s a great time to take a look at all your belonging and declutter all those things you have kept just in case you might need them or they might fit you again. Be ruthless, having less things to pack should mean that your removal costs are a little lower as you are not taking as many things with you. It should also mean you have less to unpack when you do move.

Start Packing

Whilst you are decluttering you could also make a start on your packing. Why not pack away the things you don’t need, if you are moving in winter then pack away your summer clothes or in summer then you certainly shouldn’t need your jumpers. This will save you time nearer to moving day. Take a few minutes to label each box properly and this will also help with your unpacking, if you don’t need something before you move chances are you won’t be in an urgent need of it in your new home.

Mail Redirection

With identity theft on the increase it has never been more important to make sure that your mail doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Make sure that you set up a redirection with Royal Mail so that all your correspondence is redirected to your new address. Don’t be mistaken into thinking that you have to wait until the last day to do this it can be set up well in advance and for as long a period of time as you wish; 6-12 months is normally a sufficient length of time. Sorting out a re-direction is easy and whilst there is a small cost it is worth it to make sure that any important information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Advise Change of Address

As soon as you have a definite moving date you could advise people of your change of address. Email should be fine for friends and family, but for companies such as banks and insurance companies you will probably need to send a letter. A standard letter will work for all companies and shouldn’t take you a long time to sort out.

Electoral Roll

Don’t forget to update your details on the electoral roll, this will make sure that you are still able to vote in any elections, both national and local, after your move. Being registered at your new address can also help when it comes to your credit score.

Insurance Policies

Contact your insurance companies and discuss insurance for your new property. Get a few quotes for insurance, you can usually put an insurance policy in place up to 30 days before you move so this will give you time to shop around and make sure you get the best deal without all the last-minute rushing.

Final Meter Readings

One of the last things that you should do before you move is take those all-important final meter readings. Notify your suppliers of your moving date and these final readings so that you don’t get billed for someone else’s use of the utilities. It is also worth taking a photo to show the final meter reading just in case. If you want to remain with the same providers following the move they should be able to put the switch in place for you.

Tv Licence

Update your details with the TV licensing company, you should be able to do this online. Let them know your new address and the date you are moving so that you are covered from the day you move.


Before you move shop around to see which broadband deal will be best for you in your new property, it may be that your current provider will offer you the best deal in your new home. If they offer a service in your new area then they should allow you to move with your existing package at no extra cost.


If you have companies that you order things from on a regular basis then it is worth taking a few minutes to update your address details on their system. If you forget and order something once you have moved then your parcel will end up at your old address.


If you have school age children then it is a good idea to start looking for schools in your new area well in advance of your moving date. Have a look around any potential schools and once you have made a decision let them know your moving date. You should also advise your child’s current school of your moving date.

Empty the Freezer

It may sound silly but you will need to empty your freezer in advance of your moving date and if you don’t want to waste lots of food then you may need to give yourself plenty of time to do this, especially if you have a large well stocked freezer. You won’t be able to put anything into your freezer as soon as you get to your new property as freezers need time to settle following a move. If you can’t use it all and you have a family member who lives nearby and has room in their freezer then you could always ask them to store a few things for you.

Remembering all the things you must do before you move can be tricky, but with lists, schedules and solid plan, you can be sure to make things much easier.


Phoebe Skinner

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