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There Are No School Holidays in Estate Agency

holy-trinity-school-2 There Are No School Holidays in Estate Agency

Whilst many children are enjoying their well-deserved long summer school holiday, the teachers at Crawley’s Holy Trinity School in Gossops Green prepare for Summer School. Not only does the Summer School entertain local students during the long holiday but also prepares them for coming years at school.
It is the goal of Sheila Chapman – Food and Nutrition teacher at the school to prepare the children for the start of term both mentally and emotionally. Wanting children from less privileged backgrounds to learn on an equal basis, she set out to make sure they had the basic tools needed. Knowing of her passion for helping local children Greenaway Residential Estate Agents offered to help Sheila achieve her goal and provided the school with mathematical pencil cases, English dictionaries and French to English Dictionaries.
As Managing Director Darren Greenaway handed over the delivery he was bemused by the experience and commented ‘this is the first time ever I have been inside a school during the summer holidays’. Greenaway Residential donates over ten percent of all its profits to local causes and charities via the Greenaway Residential Foundation.



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