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The Scary Mistakes That Sellers Make When Selling Their Home

The Scary Mistakes That Sellers Make When Selling Their Home

Whether you’ve sold a house before, or whether you are brand new to the process, there’s no denying that the song and dance involved in selling a house can be incredibly stressful if you haven’t got a great estate agent by your side and helping you through the process.

Looking at selling your home? We’ve got some top tips for you that will make selling your home a treat, with no tricks. Sometimes, people looking to sell their homes have a preconceived notion of what they need to do – but some of those can do more harm than good.

We can tell you a thing or two that will help make sure that you’re not haunted by your mistakes for years to come!

Be flexible and co-operative

In an ideal world, selling your home would be a pain-free process that you can wash your hands of in a few short weeks. Sadly, very rarely is that the case, even with the best estate agent at the end of the phone doing everything they can to help you, seldom does the perfect buyer materialise quickly.

You need to make sure you are well and truly prepared for what is involved in getting your house sold, and we’re not just talking the way that it looks. You need to be flexible with things such as house viewings and be reasonable when arranging things with your estate agents. If someone puts in an offer for your house that might not be quite what you were hoping for, pause for a moment and consider whether you’ll be better off taking the sale to save months of drawing out a sale.


Failing to fix expensive damages

painter-2751666_1920-200x300 The Scary Mistakes That Sellers Make When Selling Their Home

Thinking that because you’re moving, that you shouldn’t have to spend a bit of money repairing any damages? Think again. Those holes on the wall will certainly frighten anyone viewing your property!

Nothing can be more off-putting to a potential buyer than the idea of forking out a lot of money for their new house, only to have to spend more once they’re settled in. They need to be able to foresee what their new life will look like once they’re moved in – obvious repairs are easy to spot, and they’ll inevitably go running for the hills!

Yes, it will cost you in the short term, but doing things such as making kitchen repairs, replacing dodgy plumbing and painting over the bright colours can increase the value of your property and bring you a return in the long run. Just don’t go overboard…


Overdeveloping your property

Be sure to get advice from a good estate agent before you go making huge changes to your home. Some renovations can be more damaging to the potential that your home will sell for a higher price.

Many people assume that more cash poured into a home means more cash out at the end once you sell up – but that’s not the case. For example, adding overbearing extensions that are not in keeping with the general vibe of your neighbourhood can be off-putting to a potential buyer. Not to mention, these types of additions are expensive, and you may never recoup the costs in your asking price.


Make the place presentable and non-personal

Seems obvious, right? Of course, you’ll make sure that your house is clean and presentable right? But what you might not have thought to do is to remove the small traces of you and your family that make the place home to you.

When someone comes to view your house, it’s important that they be able to picture themselves there – and small details such as family photographs or quirky décor can make it tough for them to do just that. While these types of items may be important for you, they are a matter of taste. It’s best to keep your décor with mass appeal. The last thing you want is for visitors to feel like they’re intruding upon your personal space!


Unattractive images of your home

This is another one that sounds like it should be common sense but is occasionally neglected by people looking to sell their homes. It’s important to regard your photos as the main marketing tool to get people even interested in looking at your property in the first place – after all, it is quite often the first-time people will see your home!

If you consider yourself a whizz with a DSLR, or even a smartphone, you might be able to put together a few decent images that portray your place nicely. Be sure to include lots of photos of each room; if there are too few photos, people won’t get a good feel for what your house is like. Well-lit imagery also tends to work best, but if you’re not feeling up to it, paying for a professional photographer could be a blessing!


Phoebe Skinner

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