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The Importance of Preparation when Moving

The Importance of Preparation when Moving

If you’re looking to move house in the near future, then you’ll need to do a considerable amount in a very short space of time. Keeping track of the procedure, and all of its moving parts, can sometimes be tricky. To limit the amount of work you’ll have to do in a short space of time, and thereby handle the stress, you’ll want to do as much preparation as possible. This will ensure that any headaches that might occur further down the line are anticipated and circumvented.

But what, exactly, should this preparation consist of? And why is doing it so important? In this article, we’ll run through the basics. Cover them in advance of a move, and you’ll be able to get to the other side with your nerves intact.

Why Prepare?

In the main, there are two key advantages that proper preparation might yield: you’ll have more time, and the transition will be smoother.


Preparation, to be sure, takes up quite a bit of time. But failing to prepare assuredly takes up far more of it. Consider, for example, the process of packing. If you have everything clearly labelled, and you’re able to move every box to the appropriate room without having to search around for individual items, you’re sure to get a return on the meagre time-investment of labelling up individual boxes and distributing items accordingly. During your move, your time will be a valuable commodity, and it’s crucial that you don’t waste it worrying about things that could have been dealt with in advance.

Smooth Transition

As a direct result of spreading your work over a longer period of time, you’ll find the move itself proceeds a great deal more smoothly. This is not only a good thing in and of itself, but it means that you’ll be less stressed, and better able to enjoy your new home. Moving is among the most frustrating and distressing processes that a person can go through (some polls even suggest that it’s more dreaded than a divorce or a bereavement). Anything that can be done to limit this stress, therefore, should be welcomed.

How to Prepare for a Move

Now that we’ve figured out why we should prepare, let’s consider how we might go about doing so.


After you’ve moved out of your existing home, you’ll need to be sure that you aren’t paying for its water, gas and electricity. Do this as soon as possible, as some utility companies might not be able to make the switch at short notice. Notifying your provider of a change of address is essential, and you’ll usually be able to do this via an online form.

Schools and Doctors

You’ll also want to ensure that you’ve arranged a new school for your children, and a new GP, well ahead of the move itself. In the already-stressful run-up to the day of the move itself, having to deal with such matters will prove an unwelcome distraction.


One thing that’s likely to be neglected during a move is the household pet. If you’ve got a dog or cat, then the upheaval that comes with moving house can be a major stressor. It’s worth paying for hormonal sprays and cages to calm your pet down during the move – and check up on them every so often to see that they’re adjusting properly.

If you’ve got a pet fish, then this might be even more so, as you’ll have to prepare a new tank in advance and arrange for a smooth transition. In such cases, it’s worth moving the fish separately to everything else – that way you’ll be able to devote your full attention to your pet, and avoid any mishaps. It’s obviously vital, in such instances, that you aren’t distracted by other considerations – which is part of why taking care of them in advance is so important.

Research Packing

The cost of all of the boxes and tape that comes with every move is something that many homeowners overlook until it’s too late. But all of that duct tape can add up to a significant sum if you’ve boxing up your entire home. It’s therefore worth researching the options in advance, and shopping accordingly. If you do a lot of shopping online, then you might already have a sizeable collection of boxes stacking up. Be sure to use boxes that are fit for the task – there’s no point, after all, in saving money on cardboard if there’s a danger that your prized valuables will be spilled all over the tarmac outside your house.

Hire Equipment

A good removal company will be able to provide tools like furniture dollies and hand-trucks, but if you’re just moving a short distance it might make more sense to provide these items yourself. Of course, if you aren’t moving things like snooker tables, pianos and chest-freezers, life will be slightly easier. Plan your removal equipment according to your needs. You’ll also need a van that’s the right size for all of your belongings, and so try and estimate just how much room you’ll need, and leave a little bit of space to spare.

Secure Help

Moving is a big job, but many hands will make light work of it. You might well have a sizeable pool of willing friends and family members to draw upon. But this will be of no use if they’ve all made other arrangements on the day that you need their help! It’s therefore worth asking for help well before the day itself, in order that your efforts are not undone by schedule conflicts.

In Conclusion

Moving house is, unavoidably, something of an ordeal. But we can take steps to minimise the stress – and one of the keys to doing this is to plan well in advance and take whatever preparatory measures you can. That way you’ll have less on your plate at once when the day of the move approaches, and you’ll therefore be better equipped to deal with any unexpected stressors.


Phoebe Skinner

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