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The Importance of Having Your House Valued

The Importance of Having Your House Valued

One of the most daunting questions that grace the mind of any homeowner looking to sell is the dreaded “what is my house actually worth?” that looms over you. You could take it account the existing market, the area you live in, number of bedrooms etc – but really, it’s best to hire a true expert in this field to take a look at your home before you pop it on the market.

There are many things that can affect the value of your property, and in that same vein, there are multiple things you might be able to do before you put it up for sale that might mean you could put forward a higher asking price. A seasoned and trustworthy estate agent will be able to tell you what those things are. A trusted property valuation will make sure that you’re not only being reasonable to your potential buyer, but to your own expectations too.

Here are several reasons you should always get your house valued…


Information online can be vague

Can anything really compare to an estate agent with years worth of professional experience? There are many online estate agents that claim to be able to give you an accurate valuation by asking you to simply fill in a form on their website to return an instant result – be wary of these valuations.

By having an experienced professional visit your home, they’ll be able to give you a far more accurate insight into your unique property, rather than using a broad stroke approach to a market that continually shifts and changes. They can be a good place to start to help you feel confident when chatting to the estate agent as a benchmark.

Besides, you wouldn’t take online health advice as gospel over that of your GP, would you? Don’t do this to your home!


Your love of your home might cloud your judgement

As with selling anything, it can be really easy to fall into the trap of overstating the value of your beloved property. We know how easy it is to start thinking about all the costs that you’ve put towards your home, like renovating bathrooms and memories of other DIY projects that will undoubtedly have been expensive immediately come flooding back to you – but that doesn’t mean that your house instantly has more value.

In fact, sometimes renovations you’ve made to your home or are thinking of making can actually decrease its value. A surveyor knows what the key things to look out for are, and can even tell you what you might be able to do quickly to make sure that you’re able to put up a reasonable asking price that keeps both you and your potential buyers happy.


A surveyor can spot a lot of things that you won’t

There are a lot of guides online, that give homeowners a rough guide to how they can value their own property without getting a third party involved. The issue is here is that there are too many variables that the average person is not well equipped to spot… enter an experienced property surveyor.

Qualified surveyors are often very well versed in your local authorities’ rules and regulations – so they’ll be able to tell you whether that extension you’re planning on the building before you try to sell is a bad idea or not.

Speak to a trusted estate agent – they’ll be able to point you in the right direction of a dependable building surveyor!


Always go for an independent estate agent

Often, to be able to secure a working relationship with a homeowner, many surveyors will be happy to provide an inflated value of a property just to keep the homeowner sweet. But we believe that honesty is the best policy, and prefer to give a more accurate idea of pricing to be sure that your house is actually going to get sold, both quickly and as a stress-free as possible.

And don’t forget, the buyer is likely to send round a property surveyor of their own before they put in an offer for your home. And if their surveyor’s estimate is really at odds with the estimate you were given, the chances are that your potential buyer will be put off instantly. An inflated price might mean that your property is sat on the market for a long time!


It’s not as expensive as you’d think

Not only should you get your house valued, but many estate agents actually offer this service at a reasonable cost, especially independent ones. For example, we can offer a tailored valuation service that’s right for you as an individual, rather than using a broad stroke approach – it’s better to get some professional advice when there are so many legalities involved, right?

We can tell you everything about your home and the area you live in, such as:

  • The state of the current housing market
  • A marketing strategy for getting your home in front of the right potential buyers
  • Everything you’ll need to know about conveyancing
  • Mortgages or re-mortgaging processes

Get in touch with us today to request a valuation! You can apply here and one of our experienced agents will get back to you shortly.


Phoebe Skinner

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