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The Biggest Turn-Offs for Property Viewings

The Biggest Turn-Offs for Property Viewings

When you’re putting your beloved home up for sale, it can be tough to estimate exactly what the person viewing your property might be looking for. Everyone has different tastes, and you’re unlikely to satisfy anyone.

However, Gocompare.com Home Insurance conducted a survey to find out what the factors were that were more likely to turn a property viewing from a positive and optimistic experience, to a bit of a disappointment.

Here we list 8 of the biggest turn-offs for property viewings…


Lack of Parking Space

There are few things more frustrating than ending a long commute home from work with half an hour spent trying to find somewhere to park your car. This is often the case for a lot of people who aren’t fortunate to have a driveway to park their car on, or allocated parking on the street, and if your property is one of those then a potential buyer might be put off…

Not to mention, car insurance premiums can increase and decrease depending on where a person has stated their car will be parked whilst they’re at home!

Dodgy DIY

When you’re a property-owning, the temptation to make the place your own is very strong – and whilst you’re in the throes of imagining your dream home, you might feel inspired to pick up some tools and do a little DIY!

Before you head down to your closest hardware store to stock up on tools that you’ll likely use once, bear in mind that a potential buyer is likely to spot where you’ve not done a great job – and be quickly filled with fears about how much it’ll cost them to fix the mistakes.

Half a Job by Professionals

If you’ve had a really big job done on your home, such as an extension or a conservatory, the likelihood is that even if you’ve paid a professional and the work is not completed by the time someone comes to view your house, they’re likely to be put off instantly. This is because they’re likely doing the calculations in the head how much it’ll cost them to finish what you started.

Too Many Issues That Need Repair

Sometimes, it might not be your handiwork that’s putting off a potential buyer. Over time, general wear and tear will occur in any household, which is both understandable and expected – but that’s not to say that it’s the most enticing sight for a house hunter, who will immediately start thinking about how much money they’ll need to spend to rectify any issues.

Often, it’s better to spend a small amount of cash to fix them before your property goes onto the market before you end up with an offer much lower than you were expecting.

Something Funny in The Air…

One of the biggest turn-offs for anyone viewing your home is if there is a funny smell in the property. Whether it’s from pets, cigarette smoke or even food you cooked the night before, there’s no denying that any visitor is unlikely to get the best impression of your home if it smells odd.

Before any property viewing, be sure to have a quick whip round with some cleaning spray and Febreze to keep unwanted smells at bay!

Poor Lighting

Whether rental or to buy, one of the first things that a potential tenant or homeowner will look for is the lighting in all of the rooms throughout your house – a poorly lit space fails to spark the imagination when a person tries to picture themselves there and can make spaces seem smaller than they are.

Tiny Rooms

It goes without saying – a house that feels small or cramped is probably not going to be one of the first to be snapped up on the property market. One of the key rooms to any house is the kitchen area, and a potential buyer is likely to focus here over any other room. Some of the best ways to ensure you’re maximising space in small rooms are:

  • Utilise hidden storage wherever possible
  • Don’t crowd the room with unnecessary furniture
  • Use mirrors to reflect light around the room

Damp in The Walls

Lastly, not only is damp in the walls unsightly – it can also be very hazardous to health! Understandably, many people would be put off-putting in an offer for a home if they spot that the issue is already taking hold of the house. It can be very expensive to fix if not dealt with quickly enough and can often lead to people putting in lower offers for homes that have the problem.


Phoebe Skinner

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