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Simple Ways to Make Your Home Festive

Simple Ways to Make Your Home Festive

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it an obligation to make the home as welcoming and festive-looking as possible. If you’ve got a ready-made box of festive decorations to explore, then this task will be relatively straightforward. But if you haven’t, then it’s a great deal trickier. And if you’ve only just moved into your house, then filling it with festive cheer at short notice might seem tricky. Fortunately, there are simple ways that we might do exactly that.


Of course, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a suitable tree sitting in the corner of the living room. If you just get one decoration this Christmas, then it should be a tree. An artificial tree will do a serviceable job, but a natural one offers an aroma and charm than can’t be replicated with even the most convincing plastics.

If you’d like to expand the Christmassy vibe, then try to make decorating the tree a ritual for the whole household to participate in. Then do the same when it comes to lighting it up every evening. That way you’ll be able to get the whole family involved in the decorating process – which will be far more significant than just doing it all by yourself, even if the quantity of decoration is far lower.


Tinsel is a classic Christmas decoration which is sure to get everyone in the mood for the season. It’s cheap and cheerful, and can be draped liberally around a Christmas tree – and in a number of other locations throughout the house. Once you’re done with it, you’ll be able to easily store it for next year – meaning that you won’t have to worry about things like Christmas decorations again. The best tinsel is a great deal more sparkly and durable than the cheap stuff – so if you’d like to save money in the long term, be sure to invest in quality, and that your tinsel matches the colour scheme of the rest of your festive décor.


Ribbons are an inexpensive and convenient way to inject a little bit of extra cheer into an interior. They can be used in pretty much every place where you might thing to hang a stream of tinsel; they can be tied to a wide range of objects in the home, including chairs, doorknobs and banisters. Choose colours which complement the rest of your decorations – red and green are traditional favourites, but others might help to set your home apart from everyone else’s. When you’re finished, be sure to pack your ribbons away in a manner that won’t crush and crease them. That way, you’ll be able to use them again and again.


When it comes to the way that an interior looks, lighting makes an enormous difference. If you’d like to make yours look different from the way it does for the rest of the year, then consider swapping your ordinary electric lights for candles instead. You’ll find a huge amount of different festive candles and candlesticks available in homeware shops in the lead-up to Christmas, and you’ll be able to provide mealtimes and evenings with a distinctly Christmassy flavour with very little effort. Candles make a welcome alternative to the electronic LED devices that populate modern stores – and when your home is lit by candlelight, any gaps in the rest of your Christmas decoration will be obscured. Of course, when you’re setting out and lighting your candles, you’ll want to be sure that they’re out of the reach of small children and pets – as well as any flammable decorations you might have put up.


A festive wreath is a sure-fire way to provide the exterior of your home with a little bit of Christmas cheer. Since the front door is the first thing that guests to your home will encounter, it’s a vital opportunity to set the tone for the rest of their visit. Hang up a wreath on the door and you’ll be able to do just that. If you opt for an artificial wreath, you’ll be able to keep it stored to be used year after year. A natural one, on the other hand, will provide that distinctly Christmassy aroma of pine and holly. Naturally, you won’t want to stop at just the front door – go on to decorate each of the other doors in your home, too.

Edible Decorations

As well as filling your home with hanging tinsel and wreaths, you’ll also want to provide touches that can be picked at and ingested. After all, it’s the season to indulge your sweet tooth! Leave bowls full of dried fruit and other nibbles around the kitchen table for your friends and family to enjoy at their leisure – and, of course, your household will likely play host to a tub or two of chocolate treats on the day itself.

Artificial Snow

Naturally, Christmas is a time of year where we’re supposed to see an abundance of snow. But this isn’t always the case – and even if it were, the snow is certainly unlikely to fall on the interior of your house. That’s where artificial snow comes in – it’ll inject a little bit of Christmas sparkle into the interior of your home. Apply it liberally to banisters, windows and the tree itself for a Christmassy vibe that’s wholly independent of the real weather.


Decorating a house for Christmas might seem like a task too many – especially if you’ve only just moved in. But with the right decorations, it can be easy to fill a house with Christmassy vibes without breaking the bank – and without expending an enormous amount of time and effort in the process. So what are you waiting for? Get those Christmassy purchases in now, and you’ll be able to get your new home looking appropriately festive without any trouble at all!


Hannah Langton

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