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Security Ideas for Residential and Commercial property

Security is one of the primary functions of any building. As well as keeping nasty adverse weather conditions at bay, a property should also repel potential intruders. This is a consideration which, as well as being self-evidently important, will also have knock-on benefits. A home or business which is less vulnerable to attack will also be more attractive to insurers, and therefore less expensive to run.

There are several different ways in which we can make our property more secure. Let’s take a look at a few of them in turn.


security-locks Security Ideas for Residential and Commercial propertyLocks are a simple way of controlling access to your property. If you have a key, you can get in; if you don’t then you can’t. But, of course, it’s not quite as simple as that. Some locks can be more easily forced open than others.

External doors, for obvious reasons, are more important than internal ones. If the door is a timber one, then you should consider a five-lever mortice lock. If it’s a PVC one, then a three-multipoint system will be preferable. If you’d like to take things a stage further, then you can also install door chains – this will prevent anyone getting in until the person answering the door can establish their identity.

Of course, doors are not the only point of entry for prospective intruders. They can also clamber in through a conveniently-placed window. It’s worth surveying a building and identifying any windows which might be easy accessed from the outside – perhaps those on the ground floor, or near to easily-climbable structures like trees and adjacent rooftops. Be sure not to lock any windows designated as escape windows, however.

Needless to say, as well as locking your doors and windows, it’s important to ensure that they’re structurally sound. A locked door which can be easily crowbarred off its hinges is unlikely to provide much of an obstacle.

If you’re the owner or manager of a shared property, such as, for example, a block of flats, then it’s your duty to ensure that the main means of entry is locked to the standards outlined here.


Of course, burglars and vandals fear one thing above all else – being seen. And an abundance of light makes being seen a far greater risk. It’s for this reason that most burglars prefer to conduct their business after dark. If your property is under-illuminated during this time, then it’ll be at greater risk from attack.

For this reason, security lights can often make a wise investment. After all, breaking and entering is a hugely risky business for the perpetrator – the cost of getting caught is often measured in years. For this reason, they’re in a constant state of high-alert, always in search of reasons to rethink. A motion-activated security light can provide exactly such a reason. If an intruder is creeping around and suddenly finds himself bathed in blinding white light, then he’ll almost certainly be deterred – and a costly incident might thereby be avoided.


house-alarm-system Security Ideas for Residential and Commercial propertyAlarms are another effective technology which can help detect and prevent crime against your property. They come in varying levels of sophistication, depending on just how much you’re willing to invest. Some will simply alert a piercing sound, others will alert a central office, which can then dispatch a security team to investigate. Some will provide extras like biometric authentication, timers and electronic logging, others are more bare-bones. Naturally, you’ll want to invest according to the premises you’re looking to secure.

As well as being highly effective at alerting everyone to an intrusion after it’s occurred, an alarm can also deter them from being attempted in the first place. In order to provide this deterrent, however, potential intruders will need to be made aware of the dangers. This means advertising the presence of your alarm systems on the side of the building.

In Summary

Of these measures, it is often the simplest that are also the most effective. Locks and lights are inexpensive and do the vast bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to deterring burglaries. Alarm systems, CCTV and electronic user access control, by contrast, are very expensive – and will only provide a comparatively marginal improvement in a building’s real-world security.

As with most things in life, it’s important to invest in the areas that will yield the greatest benefit. If your locks are sub-par, then begin there. After that, you can work your way up the security hierarchy, reducing your property’s chance of coming under attack at every step along the way!



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