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Raising The Value of Your House Through Home Improvements

Raising The Value of Your House Through Home Improvements

If you’re thinking of selling up and shipping out, leaving the place you have called home for the past few years can be an incredibly stressful time. You can’t put a price on the years you have spent there, and making a potential buyer and property evaluator see the beauty in the home that you have come to know and love in the short time that they are viewing it can be a tall order.

Some properties may need more than just a lick of paint- restructuring the home before you pop your beloved homestead on the market takes something more than just plastering some fancy Farrow & Ball over the cracks.

Here are a few amends you can make, that while they may appear to be costly in the short term, can actually increase your property’s value tenfold in the long run.

Mending structural issues

When making the investment of a home, both seasoned buyers and property ladder newbies are going to be looking for something more than face value. Aesthetics are great, and cosmetic fixes may mask deeper issues, but there’s no pulling wool over the eyes of the property valuer! And at the end of the day, they are the ones who get to dictate what your property will sell for, so it’s them that you need to impress.

There are a few things to look out for that you may think might go unnoticed; things such as rising damp, leaky roofs and a collapsed floor. Checking for these kinds of problems is a great starting point before you start thinking how to make the place look attractive.

Update plumbing and electricity

This is particularly relevant if your home is an old one – over time, wires corrode, creating unreliable connections to power throughout the rest of the house. Call a local electrician to audit your house, and identify any issues that need fixing (we thoroughly recommend that you get a professional to do this). It’s important that the breaker box and meter meet modern regulation.

The same goes for plumbing. Over time, older pipes can corrode, and the material that has broken down inside the pipe can cause a blockage to the extent that it can cause a blockage and prevent water flow.

Consider these types of fixes as being like an MOT for your car- you wouldn’t buy a car without knowing that the key components of it worked, would you?

Renovate the kitchen and bathrooms

The kitchen is important when it comes to making your home look fresh and modern to prospective buyers, and is often considered the focal point of the home.Wherever you can, it’s best to update paintwork, tiles, and create as many opportunities for storage- so that the person viewing your house can envision stashing away their abundance of Tupperware lids in those cupboards!

Another room which shouldn’t be neglected is the bathroom. You want the place where people clean themselves to look cared for don’t you? If you can, install new shower heads, update paintwork and give all of the ceramic a thorough scrub, so that it looks as fresh and hygienic as possible.

Build a conservatory or extension

Nothing adds value to a property quite like adding new rooms to it! If there is space in the garden to spare, you might consider adding on a conservatory or extension to maximise the floor space inside the home.

These types of builds do require lots of design planning, and sometimes even permission from the council before the build can begin. Where possible, always get advice from a reputable professional. Adding an extension or conservatory can add 5% onto the value of your home, so if you have extra space, consider using it!

Create kerb appeal

When a potential buyer is looking for houses that they even want to consider viewing, the likelihood is that the first images that they are going to see of your home as they waltz past an estate agent’s window.

For that reason, it’s important that your front door acts as a window into the heart of your home. Making the house look attractive from the outside adds value, and better still can be one of the least costly renovations you can make:

  • Add a pop of colour to the front door with a fresh coat of paint
  • Replace windows and ledges that are looking worse for wear
  • Introduce life to your garden with plants
  • Porch light? Make sure there’s a bulb in there to show off your hard work!

Add to existing space

If your house is already small, or you don’t have much room outside to add an extension or conservatory, using existing dead space can be a great way to add an additional bedroom to the property.

While it is a minor investment (a loft conversion can add on average 10% on top of your property’s value!), it is best to get some advice from a specialist to make sure that the loft space is safe to be adapted into another bedroom, office space or whatever you envision it becoming.


Phoebe Skinner

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