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Protecting Your Home Whilst You Are On Holiday

Protecting Your Home Whilst You Are On Holiday

We all deserve that much needed holiday, but how can we ensure that your home and possessions are safe and no one is rummaging through things whilst you are away?  At Greenaway Residential Estate Agents we know the value of security and trying to keep your property safe.  Hopefully with Boris Johnson promising to recruit 20,000 new police officers, we will all start to feel a little safer, but in the mean time here are some ideas to keep unwanted visitors away.


  • Magnetic window and door alarms
  • Motion sensor lighting for the gardens
  • Hive home control system
  • Safe box for keys & valuables
  • Home security system (motion sensors, cameras etc.)
  • Have one or two lamps on timers as well as a radio


  • Keep all bushes trimmed, to cut down on a hiding place
  • Keep trees trimmed back. Thieves can climb the trees to see what goodies are inside, and gain access via a longer branch.
  • Mow the lawn
  • Do not leave anything in plain sight, e.g. BBQ’s, sports equipment
  • Triple check that all windows and doors are locked.
  • If you have automatic gates or garage door, disconnect the sensor.
  • Lock away gardening tools and that ladder which may be laying around
  • Move the clothes drying rack if its visible through a window
  • If you have the hideaway key outside bring it in, a burglar will look for it.

Social Media

  • It is amazing how many people post the pre-holiday drink at the airport on social media
  • Post your photo’s when you have returned


  • Tell a trusted neighbour you are going away and ask them to keep an eye on your home
  • If possible have your neighbour or family member to move the pile of post out of sight
  • Also have them open and close the curtains
  • Arrange for outside pot plants to be watered
  • If you have no one to move the post sign up to Royal Mail’s keep safe which will hold your mail up to 66 days

 Here are a couple of other tips that you could play around with

download-1 Protecting Your Home Whilst You Are On Holiday
Do Not Make It Easy For Them
  • Place a large dog bowl and a heavy duty dog lead next to your back door. Nobody wants a tangle with a Rottweiler after all.
  • Put a ‘beware of the dogs’ sign on the front and rear gate.
  • Hide your jewelry away, burglars are aware of fake tins or money in fridges and freezers. If you are going to do this, then wrap it all up in tin foil and make it look like food.

We are sure that there are other great ideas to keep your things safe but above all else, please double check your house insurance.


Darren Greenaway

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