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Being Crawley born and bred I have many fond childhood memories of Crawley Leisure Centre, family trips to the swimming pool, to the badminton courts and school sports days to name a just few.

I also remember feeling mixed emotions the day that Fairview New Homes came to our office (Greenaway Residential Estate Agents) and proudly presented us with their plans for the site and asked us to cast our eyes over them – another part of Crawley would soon be gone, however the leisure centre had been empty for a while and Crawley was in desperate need of more housing.

As the site progressed Greenaway Residential Estate Agents were asked by Fairview New Homes to market the apartments/houses for sale and we introduced many buyers who successfully purchased properties, many of whom used Fairview’s flying start scheme.  I expect a few of you will remember Mustafa and co in the sales office!  Before long the development was all sold and everyone had moved in!

6 Pembroke Park, Commonwealth Drive, Crawley

As time passed and the market picked up after the crash in 2007/2008 I personally answered a telephone call back in 2013 from a Mr Smith who lived in Howlands Court.  Mr Smith challenged us to sell his two bedroom apartment, for a price that he believed at the time was extremely optimistic.  This was the first apartment that we had marketed for sale in the development on a resale basis and we were aware that there were certain complications with the Managing Agents at the time, Crabtree and Fairview New Homes – but that is another story!  We managed to sell the apartment within one week, for a great price.  What was more tricky was piecing together all of the documents etc. needed to complete the sale, however we managed this.  After the sale completed Mr Smith left us this feedback;

untitled2 Pembroke Park, Commonwealth Drive, Crawley

Since selling Mr Smith’s property in 2013 we have sold in excess of 75 properties in Pembroke Park and have witnessed many changes, including the formation of HAEMC, the removal of Crabtree and the appointment of a new management company, It’s Your Place. It’s been a busy few years!

Currently we are still experiencing huge demand from potential Buyers who are keen to invest in the area.  We put part of this down to the fact that we have been involved with the development from day one so we have a big client base of interested parties, including our existing buy to let Landlords who often look to expand their portfolios.  However for every buy to let Landlord looking to invest in Pembroke Park we also see equal numbers of owner occupiers looking to live in the area which I believe is important to retain stability.  At Greenaway Residential Estate Agents we also actively let and manage many properties on behalf of Landlords who own properties in the development and as such have a vested interest on their behalf for the ongoing success of the area

Just yesterday (23/11/15) we agreed the sales of two apartments in Page Court.  We simply do not have enough properties to meet the demand from our registered buyers.  We are also experiencing huge demand from prospective Tenants, keen to live in such a desirable area that gives them great access to Three Bridges train station, Crawley town centre and further afield including London Gatwick Airport.

6 Pembroke Park, Commonwealth Drive, Crawley

If you are considering selling your property in the near future, or letting, or just want an idea of what it is worth please do get in touch.  We would be more than happy to come and meet you and answer any questions you may have and give you an accurate sales or lettings valuation.  This of course will be free and without obligation.  Our phone number is 01293 561188 or why not send us an email –

On behalf of my team we look forward to speaking with you in the future.


Simon Brown

Branch Manager



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