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Keep Pets Cool

Keep Pets Cool

Nobody likes to be confined and restricted in this warm weather, so why do we do it to our pets? The weather has been very on and off recently and we have certainly had some sunny spells. In this short article, we will help you to keep your pets feeling their best through the heat.

In the last couple of weeks in July 2019, we were struck by an intense heatwave that kept everyone feeling drained, especially our furry friends. Unfortunately, for our pets, they wear a coat all year round, and they do not sweat or regulate their body temperature in the way that humans do, so it is important to allow them to be able to hydrate themselves with sufficient amounts of water and be able to pant. Panting allows dogs to cool down by exchanging hot and cold air throughout their bodies.

One example of a cooling aid for animals is a cooling pad. A member of the team told us about this creation as they had discovered it at the local petrol station. It is an item that gives any owner some freedom, as once the mat is no longer cool, the dog can move away, allowing no concern for overheating, such as some other items that we will cover further down.

Over the last few years, the UK has seen a rather drastic climate change, and therefore new products to keep pets cool have become more popular. Items such as cooling jackets are one of these popular items. A cooling jacket is a wonderful idea, as you can soak it in water and put it onto your dog and leave it until it has dried out, however, PLEASE do not leave your dog unsupervised with an item like this one, as once the water evaporates then the dog will begin to overheat again.

For many animal lovers, we tend to use simple and easy ways of helping our companions, such as using wet towels for our pets. A wet towel is a good, quick but short fix to keeping our pets cool. If you soak a towel in some water and wrap it around your pup, or you lay it on the floor for them to manoeuvre themselves, this will cool them down very quickly as it is heavy and will hold a lot of water. However, the only issue with the towels is that they can dry out very quickly and your pet is at risk of overheating unless of course you remove it and replenish it.

Even though there are many things out there that can help keep your pets cool, doing simple things like making sure they stay in the shade will also help. Making sure they get plenty of water is also vital for keeping them healthy during the hot weather.

Please keep your pet cool this summer by following the few simple tricks above, and with some careful supervision, your pet will be feeling cool all summer!


Phoebe Skinner

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