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How to Pack Efficiently For a Move

Moving to a new home is a stressful thing. With so much to worry about, it’s perhaps unsurprising that so little thought is given to the art of packing. But if you’re to cram all of your possessions into a space as tiny as a few suitcases and cardboard boxes, then you’ll need to first educate yourself in how this might be done efficiently. After all, packing the right way can save you literally bags of space, and hours of time on either end of the trip.

In this article, we’ll examine some of the tips that will equip you to pack effectively. If you’d like to learn the secrets of a stress-free move, then read on:

Make sure that you assessable the right supplies

When you pack to go on holiday, you’ll mostly be dealing with soft and durable items that can withstand a few bumps and scrapes. Drop a suitcase full of underwear and you’ll suffer no lasting inconvenience for it; do the same with a boxful of porcelain and that will likely spell the end for the box’s contents.

In order to guard against this, you’ll need to pack your fragile belongings tightly and securely. This means investing in bubble wrap to keep things still, and in tape to keep them held securely in place. Then there are other supplies which will make life more convenient, like felt-tip pens. You’ll thank yourself later if you’ve marked each box with a clear indication of its contents – and doing this in biro isn’t much good.

Pack the right way

However, tempting it might be to simply cram your possessions into storage as you find them, this approach will likely spell disaster when it comes to unpacking. Instead, be sure to put similar items together; cups should have a box of their own, as should plates. If you absolutely must put different items in the same box, then be sure that they’ll at least belong in the same room – you’ll waste an enormous amount of time if you have to run back and forth between different areas of the house distributing items from the same box.

Keep Children and pets away

If you’ve got fragile items packed tightly together, you’ll want to ensure that they’re handled only by those who know what they’re doing. This means ensuring that children and pets are otherwise occupied.

Of course, even if you don’t have a vulnerable spot in your packing, you’ll still need a means of entertaining the smaller members of your household. After all, once you’ve gotten the television, computer and the like stuffed into storage, there will be little for your children to do except sit there. Older children might distract themselves with smartphones and laptops; younger ones might need other stimulation. Get a babysitter – or conscript a friend or grandparent into the job.

Make an essentials pack

When you first arrive at the new residence, you’ll have a problem – all of your possessions will be in boxes. If you want to avoid spending hours searching fruitlessly for a toothbrush and a change of underwear, you’ll ensure that you’ve got the essential items stored in a pack of their own. This might be a briefcase containing clothes, toiletries and other essential.

You’ll also want a boxful of the other household items that you can’t do without: toilet paper, disposable cups and plates, and bedsheets will be essential. You might include some basic cooking equipment, too – but for most people a trip to the local takeaway will simplify things.

Give yourself plenty of time

Packing takes longer than you think – and doing it will might take longer still. The last thing you want is the mounting stress that comes when the day of the move is imminent and you’ve barely packed a thing. The best course of action is to start packing as early as possible, and to have a rough idea of how much you need to be packing each evening.

Don’t stress

Moving can be a stressful experience – there’s an enormous amount to get through, and a lot that can go wrong. It’s important, therefore, to take steps to combat this stress. Ultimately, how you deal with this will depend on what works for you – you might meditate while listening to Enya, or blow off steam while listening to Black Sabbath.

Ultimately, when things are more organised, fewer things will go wrong – which means that your stress will be minimised. By following the advice we’ve overviewed here, your move will go much more smoothly – and the stress you experience will be much reduced!



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