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Carpets Vs Wooden Floors: Which One is Best?

Carpets Vs Wooden Floors: Which One is Best?

Whether you’ve just moved into your new house or need to replace your flooring, making the correct choice will feel like an important decision. There is often debate about whether carpets or wooden floors are for the best, with some people very opposed to either option. We provide you with the positives and negatives of both options and suggest which is better for certain circumstances.

Fitted Carpets

It is more commonplace to opt for a single colour or possibly a subtle design, which may be easier to fit in with your décor and soft furnishings. Choosing the right carpet colour is important. You may want to be bold or neutral, the decision is entirely yours! Carpets are soft and comfortable under-foot, which is a key advantage of fitted carpets. They are also safer for children and elderly or ill people who may be at risk of falls. In addition, you may want to consider how draughty your home is and how much you feel the cold. Carpets are warmer and are more energy efficient. Perhaps you have high ceilings and find that the house is difficult to heat? These are all important positives for carpets, which can help in keeping your home warmer.

Quality and Maintenance

Good quality carpets can also be an investment. Quality carpets and their proper maintenance makes all the difference for a pleasing effect, which becomes a bonus when selling your house. House buyers will otherwise be put off by poor quality or old stained carpets. Some people say carpets are smelly and full of stains but correct maintenance prevents this issue.  It is worth paying extra for stain-guard protection. Other carpets have built in protection. This makes all the difference for minor mishaps or preventing stains. A carpet shampoo is a must for stubborn marks. A steam cleaner lifts more dirt than the vacuum cleaner does, especially in high use areas such as the hallway. Otherwise you’ll find local carpet cleaning businesses in your area for a one off clean. Perhaps some people are put off by beige carpets which inevitably show up marks. A darker colour also shows bits but these are easily hoovered up.

When to Think Twice About Carpet

Do avoid a carpet for the kitchen, due to inevitable food and liquid spills. You may agree for the bathroom, but a cheaper rubber backed carpet may still last longer than you think despite the humidity and water, but don’t get it too wet!

And When to Refit

Should there be a damaged or worn area, a carpet may be refitted into a smaller room such as the box room to get more use out of it. When moving into a new house, you may want to replace your bedroom carpet and have the existing carpet refitted into one of your children’s bedrooms, especially if you are concerned they will damage a new expensive carpet. Refitting is therefore advantageous for frugal and environmentally conscious families. Due to the shape of a room you may end up with a large offcut, which is ideal for placing under the stairs. When discussing room dimensions it may be possible to order just slightly more for the box room at the same time.

Wooden Floors

Hard wood floors are elegant and seem both contemporary and timeless. Wooden floors have been popular for centuries, and any wooden floor will have a unique look and individual character. This beauty is better admired in a large open space.

Wooden floors can easily compliment various décor choices and may look a warm shade. The price varies but you get what you pay for. Knowing that it will potentially last generations, will offset the cost. Wooden floors take longer, and are more expensive to fit than carpets. Unlike carpets it isn’t just the fitting, the floor needs to be finished with a sealing agent for protection.

The Pros

A positive is that when your wooden floor looks worn, the wood may be refinished to look new, rather than having to replace it. Wooden floors add value to your house when well maintained.

If you are concerned about cleanliness and micro bacteria, wooden floors may be for you. Wooden floors can be ideal for those with asthma and dust mite allergies. Many people agree wooden floors are easier to clean and won’t not absorb smells. A quick wipe will solve spills. Do obtain the correct cleaning products for polishing or deep cleaning, as you don’t want to inadvertently ruin it. In addition, reclaimed wood floors are ideal if you are environmentally conscious. When buying hardwood materials, do your research for peace of mind about sustainability. Softwood flooring can be harvested from various trees, but the rapid growth of the trees means that the flooring is less durable and more difficult to refinish. Nonetheless many people love soft wood knowing it is more eco-friendly, due to being locally sourced and is more quickly renewable.

The Negatives

One negative aspect, is that wooden floors are noisy when walked on. When your children’s toys are dropped it will seem loud for both yourself and your neighbours. Even quiet play can seem louder. Wooden floors can also be cold underfoot and many specialists advise against under floor heating. They can be slippery if you are just wearing socks and this combination is dangerous on the stairs.

People inevitably add a thick rug for a warmer homely feel, to provide the best of both worlds. Rugs can be a trip hazard or can slip, but there are non-slip varieties and rug grips.

Pets and Flooring

Dogs can find it difficult to find their footing on a wooden floor, which can lead to accidents. Some dogs are fearful of wooden floors due to the lack of traction, which can strain their muscles and ligaments to keep their balance. If your pet’s nails are long they will make a clicking sound on the floor. Yet pet hair is more easily cleaned up from a wooden floor. As dogs’ paws aren’t designed for such a smooth surface, runners and mats for problem areas would solve the problem.

A Compromise Between the Two?

The choice needn’t be a dilemma. While a carpet may be fitted in any room, many people find that carpets are better suited to some rooms and wooden floors are better for others. How about wooden flooring in the hallway dining room and conservatory, but fit carpets in the lounge and bedrooms?

By making an informed decision, you’ll turn your house into a home. Do consider these positives and negatives of both options and you’ll opt for the right flooring for your lifestyle and therefore feel very satisfied with the lasting result.


Phoebe Skinner

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