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Benefits of renting a house in Crawley

Benefits of renting a house in Crawley

Crawley is a gorgeous little town in the south of England. It manages to strike an excellent balance between remoteness and convenience, having excellent transport links to both London and the rest of the country via the nearby M23. It’s therefore proven very attractive to new residents – wherever they might originally hail from. But what is it that makes Crawley such a great place for renters? In this article, we’ll examine the question.

Why would anyone rent instead of buying?

When it comes to finding somewhere to live, you’re generally faced with two options – you can either rent a property, or you can buy it. To be sure, there are some respects in which the latter is preferable. For example, if you’re contributing to a mortgage repayment every month, you’ll be building your own assets rather than to those of a landlord. But there are also reasons that renting is preferable.

But before we discuss renting in Crawley in particular, it’s worth first addressing why we might prefer to rent instead of buy.

Reduced cost of entry

If you’re going to get yourself on the property ladder, you’ll need a pretty considerable chunk of cash available. For some people – and particularly young people – this requires a little bit of time spent saving. But during that time, you’ll need somewhere to live. Renting allows you to have that somewhere.

To be sure, most reputable landlords will seek a deposit up-front before they allow you to move into a property. But this deposit will be far smaller than that which a bank might expect before providing you with a mortgage. You’ll also have a far easier time if your income is fluctuating or inconsistent, which means that self-employed people may find renting preferable.

For all of these reasons, renting makes for an attractive option for those looking for immediate accommodation – particularly for those who aren’t sitting on a sizeable cash reserve.


Another significant benefit of renting is the flexibility it affords. Buying and selling property is an expensive, labour-intensive and time-consuming business. One must agree upon a price, exchange keys through an intermediary and ensure that all of the legal obligations have been fulfilled.

If you decide you’d like to make a switch, there will therefore be a lengthy rigmarole to go through. This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself – the last thing we’d want is for mistakes to be made during a move. But it is a hassle that renters needn’t concern themselves with – they can simply provide their landlord with notice, and vacate the premises.

This is obviously very handy if you’re not sure what your circumstances will be in the short-term. If you’re thinking of moving in with your significant other, then it’s going to be a lot easier (and less emotionally taxing) to back out of the relationship if you’re renting together than if you’ve gotten a mortgage together.

The same is true of your professional life. If you were to lose your job (or perhaps, gain a new and better one), you might want to change your residence at short notice. Renting allows for this. If your circumstances change quickly, you’ll be able to adapt your accommodation just as quickly.

This change needn’t be of the life-changing sort. Even if your domestic and professional life is moving along quite steadily, you might decide that you’re bored with your surroundings, and want to alter them. Renting affords you the flexibility you need to do so. This makes it perfect for those with itchy feet!

Running costs

A major chunk of the costs of living in a building is making sure that its various components are in good working order. The legal responsibility for doing this largely rests with the owner. If you’re renting and a water pipe bursts, you’ll be able to call upon your landlord, and they’ll be obliged to have the problem fixed.

If you’re the owner of the property, on the other hand, you’ll be very much on your own. Landlords who own lots of different properties will be in a better position to cope with problems that occur in just one. If your property portfolio is limited to the house you’re living in, then you might not have the resources to fix the problem at short notice.

Of course, some landlords will be better than others at fixing problems – in some cases, a renter might become so impatient waiting for a problem to be fixed that they take matters into their own hands. If you do this, you may be able to bill your landlord – be sure to investigate fully before proceeding.

When you’re weighing the costs of renting versus buying, be sure to factor in the cost of replacements for the various bulbs, washing machines, doorknobs and leaking taps that might come along further down the road.

What is there on offer in the surrounding area?

Now that we’ve covered the merits of renting, let’s spend some time discussing Crawley. As we’ve mentioned, one of the reasons that the town is so attractive is its location – it’s within commuting distance of many worthwhile places. Let’s consider a few of them.


Behind Heathrow, Gatwick is the second busiest airport in the country. It’s home to the busiest single-use runway in the world, and every year ferries around forty million people to destinations across the world.

If you’re looking for a property near to the airport – because you spend a lot of time travelling overseas, or if you’ve accepted a job there, then Crawley is an obvious choice of residence. Just a three-mile trip along the M23, the town is an ideal point from which to launch your trip.

Getting oneself to the airport to catch those early flights – or to start an early shift – can be exhausting enough without adding a long car trip. By basing yourself in Maidenbower, Pound Hill or Worth, you’ll have excellent access to the airport by both road and train. These areas combine modernity with country charm, and offer plenty of choice for the frequent air-traveller!


Slightly further afield lies the nation’s capital. The amount of culture and commerce available in London is more considerable than perhaps it ever has been. Whether you’re looking for a day out at a football match, a trip to the theatre, or a world-class dining experience, the chances are that you’ll find it in London.

But actually living in London is not without its drawbacks. The price of renting in the capital can be astronomical, and the hustle-bustle of urban life isn’t for everyone.

Crawley offers a great compromise – it’s a great place from which to launch day trips into the capital – or even a daily commute. From Crawley’s Three Bridges train station, it’s just a forty-minute trip to Victoria station. This means that residents of Crawley need not miss out any of the goings-on in London!


In the opposite direction, we find that there are things to see and do, too. Brighton offers one thing in abundance that neither London nor Crawley can hope to emulate – the sea! If you’re looking to spend a few summer days by the seaside, then you need only hop aboard a train (or car) and you’ll be there in less than an hour. Don’t forget to pack a towel.

What about Crawley itself?

We’ve established that Crawley’s chief virtue is its access to the surrounding area. But there’s still plenty to see and do in the town itself.


You needn’t travel all the way to London’s west end to enjoy some high-quality live performance – Crawley is home to the Hawth Theatre, which boasts a 855-seat auditorium and a more intimate 150-seater studio.

Throughout the year, you’ll find performances to suit a range of tastes. Audiences are able to enjoy classical and contemporary music, stand-up comedy, dance, musicals and even opera. In winter, there are pantomimes on offer. In summer, the venue joins others across the country in hosting the Last Night of the Proms – an evening of classical favourites not to be missed!


Crawley is home to a number of different gyms, parks and swimming pools. Of particular note is the K2 leisure centre, where visitors are able to enjoy pursuits as diverse as squash, badminton, rock-climbing, martial arts and even scuba diving. If you’re more into watching other people exert themselves, you’ll be able to watch major sporting events, like national badminton tournaments and international karate ones.

Crawley’s most notable sport, however, is to be found slightly further down the road.


Of all the events taking place in Crawley, there are few as unique as the world marbles championship. It’s taken place annually at the Greyhound pub, and has attracted competitors from around the world. British and German teams dominate this event, with the title passing between the two nations in recent years. If you’re looking for a day out that no other town can quite replicate, this is it!



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