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And So It Begins For Christmas 2019

And So It Begins For Christmas 2019

Although we all love the idea of having the magical family Christmas, the reality is for most it is stressful with the pressure of finding the ideal gift, family arrangements, decorating the house, etc.  But imagine how emotional things become when your are struggling financially and your child just wants a Christmas.

DSC_0015-300x199 And So It Begins For Christmas 2019
Romesh Ranganathan & Henry Smith MP


Every year Greenaway Residential Estate Agents and The Greenaway Foundation help local financially challenged families in our community by providing them with all the ingredients they need to cook a healthy two course Christmas dinner.  We started doing this in 2011 with just a handful of families and each year the number of families has increased.   Last year through an army of volunteers we made deliveries to 247 families, which was an amazing job by the local community.

However this year we are anticipating delivering in the region of 500 families.  So we are reaching out to businesses to sponsor one food item.

Families are put forward by local schools, council bodies and other charities and are known to be in need of extra help.

Our efforts have now increased to such a size that the Greenaway Foundation has started the process of applying for ICO Foundation, so it will soon be a formally registered charity.

Food items and cost for the whole items are listed below, please help us and sponsor one item:

IOOU7389-225x300 And So It Begins For Christmas 2019
Just A Few Of Last Years Trolleys
  • Stuffing – £245
  • Parsnips – £380
  • Carrots – £385
  • Gravy – £495
  • Brussel Sprouts – £550
  • Cream – £550
  • Mince Pies – £550
  • Vegetable Oil – £600
  • Potatoes – £605
  • Christmas Pudding – £1,210
  • Chickens Extra Large – £500
  • Chickens Large – £1,200
  • Chickens Medium – £450

As always, should there be any items of food left over these will be donated to the Crawley Open House on Christmas Eve.

WIQH4300-300x225 And So It Begins For Christmas 2019
Crawley Open House 2018

Two years ago we started the Christmas Tree appeal where children from these families can come into our offices and wish for a present.  We then approach the business and the wider community to help sponsor these wishes.  In our second year we helped make 302 Christmas Wishes come true, this year we envisage this will at least triple to around 1000.  We guide the children to make a wish in region of £10-£25

‘do good in the world, until there is enough good in the world’


Darren Greenaway

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