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Airports Commission backs new runway at Heathrow


The Airport’s Commission has given it’s backing for a new runway at London Heathrow Airport, predicting that it will add £147bn in economic growth and 70,000 jobs by 2050.

The report’s release has intensified the ongoing debate over where the new runway should be situated, London Gatwick Airport or London Heathrow Airport and the potential environmental impact.

Plans predict that a new runway at London Heathrow Airport would cause over 800 homes to be demolished in order to make enough space for the runway whereas this number would be considerably less if the new runway was at London Gatwick Airport.  The cost of the new runway at London Heathrow Airport would be in the region of £17.6bn whereas at London Gatwick Airport it would be just over £7bn.

For further information about the proposed new runway at London Gatwick Airport and how it may affect you property value please call Greenaway Residential Estate Agents on 01293 561188.



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