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Add Value to Your Home With Our 10 Tips

Add Value to Your Home With Our 10 Tips

Are you wanting to work your way up the property ladder? Wondering how you can increase the value of your home without spending a fortune? Well, this blog discusses ten top ways you can add value without causing you any issues or stress.


Think About The Buyer

The first thing you need to do is consider your target buyer, think about the person who is most likely to buy your home. Who are they? How old are they? What are they interested in? And most of all, what would they be looking for in a house? Thinking about all of this will help you make a decision when it comes to knowing what changes to make before your house goes up for sale.


Carpets & Flooring

If you have had the same carpets or flooring for a long time, then it might be worth considering cleaning or replacing them. There are many home cleaning kits available that you can hire or buy for cleaning your carpets. The same applies if you have wooden floors, you can simply freshen them up by sanding them down and adding a varnish finish. It is important to consider that if you do not clean or replace your flooring then buyers will expect this to be reflected in the price.  

rawpixel-777268-unsplash Add Value to Your Home With Our 10 Tips

Loft Conversion

One of the simplest ways to add more value to your home is with a loft conversion, not only is it an extremely good investment but it also adds so much more room to your home. Whether it is an extra bedroom or bathroom, it will not cause much disruption to your home as most of the work is done from the outside. One thing that you do need to consider when converting your loft, is making sure you have space for a full staircase. Loft conversions don’t normally require planning permission, however, some types of windows can, so it is always best to check with planners before making any decisions.


Add a Conservatory

As long as it is done properly then adding a conservatory to your home is a great way of adding value. It is important to make sure that it matches the design and style of the rest of the home, so it feels like it was always there. A good way of doing this is using the same type of flooring throughout the downstairs of your home. In most situations, you will not require planning permission, but it does have to comply with the Building Regulations, so it is important to check that first.


The Kitchen – Most Important Room!

When it comes to evaluating the house, the kitchen is one of the first and most important places that both buyers and valuation surveyors will look. If you are looking to replace your kitchen all together then it is important that you consider the fundamentals such as its shape and position before taking any further actions. However, to make your kitchen look valued and attractive, you don’t have to completely re-do it, simple cleaning techniques can make a massive difference. Also, install appliances that are as recent as possible, so the kitchen doesn’t look out of date.


Security & Locks

Installing extra security measures to your home is guaranteed to add value. There are many different methods you can carry out, including, adding a chain to the front door, or automatic light sensors on the outside of your house. If the person viewing your house doesn’t feel safe and secure then it will put them off making an offer.



Don’t forget about your garden! It is good to make sure your home is in good shape, but potential buyers will also be wanting to have a look at your garden. There are a lot changes you can make to your garden to add more value, but one of the most important areas to consider is whether your garden is private and secure as a lot of homeowners like the feeling of seclusion. If you don’t have the time to makeover your garden, the basics below will still make a huge difference:

  • Clean up litter and dead plants
  • Weed your garden
  • Repair and feed the lawn
  • Cut back any overgrown trees
  • Add colours and interest with planting

garden-822295_1920 Add Value to Your Home With Our 10 Tips


Nothing makes a house look new and clean again like a new coat of paint on all of the surfaces. Painting your home could cost you anywhere between a hundred and a thousand pounds, but if it is done properly then it could add five thousand pounds to the value of your property. When you are deciding what colours to paint your home, it is a good idea to avoid using bright colours. It can appear unappealing to most buyers and make them want to redecorate when they move.


Change the Windows

You might not realise it but windows make a considerable difference to your home. It is important to check that they are still in a good shape and they reflect the style of your property. Double-glazing is extremely popular and is essential for most buyers, having double-glazing windows will add a massive amount of value to your property.

steinar-engeland-115159-unsplash Add Value to Your Home With Our 10 Tips

Planning Permission

A lot of people don’t have planning permissions on their home because they never plan on using it. But gaining planning consent for improvements, whether it is an extension or a new house in the garden, can enhance the value of a property, without people even carrying the work out.


We hope the above points have helped give you a starting point for how you can add value to your home. Remember, before starting any jobs on your home, consider the timescale that you have to make sure you are going to be able to get all the jobs done in time.


Phoebe Skinner

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