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6 Questions That First Time Buyers Should Ask

6 Questions That First Time Buyers Should Ask

Buying a house is one of the most significant financial commitments many of us will make during our lifetime. While you should definitely be excited to find the property of your dreams, it is also important to ensure that all decisions are the right ones for you and your circumstances. The house-hunting process can be stressful, especially if you are a first-time buyer. This is why we have put together a blog with 6 important questions that you should ask.


Why Are The Owners Selling The House?

This question is very important because it can make a massive difference when it comes to putting in an offer. It is good to find out if the owners are motivated sellers who want to move quickly or whether they have simply put their house on the market to see what kind of interest they get. If the sellers are looking for a quick sell, then there might be an opportunity to offer a lower price. 


Is The Property Part of a Chain?

This can possibly work in your favour, because if the seller has already found their next home, then they may be willing to accept a lower offer in order to make sure the move happens quickly. However, if they haven’t you might then become part of a longer chain, which means you need to think about how long you are willing to wait. 


What is The Local Area Like?

People say the top 3 things to look for when buying a home is location, location and location! It’s all good falling in love with the house, but you also need to consider what the location is like. It is important to do your research, you could drive to the house during rush hour and at night time and have a look at what the environment seems like. Also, asking neighbours can be beneficial, because they are sure to tell you the truth. You can also find statistics online which show you crime rates for a certain area.


What is Included in The Sale?

It is good to get as much information as you can here, for example, they could be including the dishwasher and washing machine in the sale. Having these essentials already in the house can make the move feel a lot smoother and takes the stress of you having to buy the homeware goods. Of course, if you already have your own white goods then you can ask the house owners to have theirs removed. 


Are There Any Concealed Issues With The House? 

If the property has been owned by a single owner for decades it is important to ensure that crucial maintenance tasks have not been neglected over the years. Take a walk around the house, and see if everything looks in good condition if you do notice something then bring it up with the homeowners as they might have a solution. 


How Long Has The Seller Lived in The Property?

This might not seem like an important question to ask but it is because if the property has changed hands several times in just a few years, then there might be a crucial reason behind it. Ask the question, and then you can decide whether it will affect your overall decision on the house.


The most important thing to remember is do not be afraid to ask the questions. Buying a house is a massive commitment so you need to make sure you are 100% happy and comfortable before making the decision. 

Are you looking for your first property? See if our East Grinstead Estate Agents can help.


Phoebe Skinner

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